Holiday in the Park decorations

This week Magic Mountain finished putting up their decorations for Holiday in the Park! Here they all are! Hope you enjoy!




I would assume tthe currently changing lights in the fountain.


Winter Wonderland is located under Revolution and looks amazing! I mean amazing, not just six flags amazing. It looks like real snow!


The snow is like cotton, but it looks real!




Even the footings are covered in snow!



This is in the Katy’s Kettle restaurant seating area.


This is directly across from Tatsu. Here you can meet Santa.



DC Universe sunset!

IMG_20141123_174440383 IMG_20141123_174550833 IMG_20141123_174542507

Even the display in the stores in Bugs Bunny World were decked out!


Full Throttle Construction Update #5

Superman and Gold Rusher are now open, but might close once more when construction moves forward. Some footings are almost complete, but some work is still needed. The footings by Superman do not have rebar in them yet.

Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

Studio Tour

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood

Type: Tram ride

Duration: 1 hour

Rating [1-10]: 9

Other: Take a backlot tour of many famous Universal Studios film sets. Those sets include Fast and Furious, Jurassic Park, King Kong 360′ 3-D, Jaws, Rain/Flood, King Kong Mini Skull Island with a Ship, Subway Disaster, Whovill during “Grinchmas”, Psycho, War of the Worlds, and a huge “Green Screen”.

Transformers The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood



Transformers The Ride

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood

Type: 4-D tracked motion sim

Opened: 2012

Rating [1-10]: 10



Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic Park

Where: Universal Studios Hollywood

Hight: 84′

Speed: Depends on weight in the boat.

Company: Intamin

Type: Shoot The Chute

Brakes: Magnetic/water splash down.

Rating [1-10]: 8

Other: Ride into “Jurassic Park” in a boat getting close to robotic dinosaurs.



Best Thrill Ride At Six Flags Magic Mountain: #1 Ride

2nd Place
Lex Luthor Drop of Doom 10%  (1 votes)
Road Runner Express 10%  (1 votes)

Superman Escape From Krypton 10%  (1 votes)

Tatsu 10%  (1 votes)

1st Place
 X2 60%  (6 votes)
I’m not surpised X2 won, but I’m not sure why people like this ride. I don’t really like X2 except if I’m in the inner seat in the back row, but anywhere else and the ride becomes extremely painful for me. My favorite ride at Magic Mountain is Lex Luthor Drop of Doom and I have no clue why that is my favorite, because its just one drop. My favorite ride of all time is Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. Thanks everyone for a vote on your favorite SFMM ride and I hope you had a happy new year!

Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain


Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Hight: 170′

Speed: 62 MPH

Company: B&M

Type: Flying

Coaster rating [1-10]: 8

Opened: 2006

Other: World’s tallest, longest, and fastest flying coaster. Tatsu is a japanese word meaning the flying beast.

Tatsu logo


Full Throttle Construction Update #4